66 and Change Apparel Co.
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About Us

66 And Change: the place where truth and trend collide to transform. 

  Started in October 2014, 66 And Change Apparel is a company that promotes Christianity with an edge. This line gives the believer an opportunity to spread the gospel without saying anything because the apparel speaks for itself. Each shirt says, "I am free, I am audacious, and I am willing to stand up for what I believe in."

  Although viewers may be taken aback by the slogans when taken literally, each shirt has a scripture that it references.

  Some examples are "They're Real" (John 6:55 NIV), "Make It Wet" (1 Kings 18), and "Take It Off" (Col. 3:9 AMP) among others. It's where truth (the word of God) and trend (the option to  look amazing while witnessing to the masses) collide to transform.

  This gives viewers a chance to ask the wearer what the message represents, which now gives the viewer two things: An option to learn about God and a moment to experience Christ beyond the often narrow-minded view of religion. The word has now become accessible beyond the four walls of a church building.

  66 And Change is all about promoting the right to choose. Everyone who wears this brand promotes the preference to be bold while representing a God that is not always accepted or understood by all. Promotion is profession, and fearlessness is synonymous with faith.

  Trend is optional; truth is necessary.